Digital Voucher

Digital Voucher Create and send digital vouchers directly to targeted customers over multiple channels, including mobile phone and email. ELYS also verifies the validity of the digital vouchers through multiple methods, as a safeguard against fraud. Business Benefits : Low-cost direct delivery Measurable, trackable usage Precisely measured return on investment Increased sales and loyalty Higher…

Mobile Application

Mobile Application Create your very own mobile application through ELYS. Chose our ready-to-go mobile application feature for fast deployment, or customize it to your specifications as desired. Offer better experience to your customers through your own mobile app! Create a seamless registration for your members. No more lining up and filling form. Get clean and…

Shopping Program & Loyalty System

Shopping Program & Loyalty System

Indulge your customers with highly customized shopping programs.
Multiple programs, promotions, giveaways with multi-prizes and levelling.
Monitor and track your customers shopping trends with our one-stop integrated dashboard.

Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing feature allow you to directly email different customer segments within our system, with a customized message for each segment.