Shopping Program & Loyalty System

Indulge your customers with highly customized shopping programs.
Multiple programs, promotions, giveaways with multi-prizes and levelling.
Monitor and track your customers shopping trends with our one-stop integrated dashboard.

Mobile Application

Create your very own mobile application through ELYS. Chose our ready-to-go mobile application feature for fast deployment, or customize it to your specifications as desired.

Digital Voucher and Payment

Create and send digital vouchers directly to targeted customers over multiple channels, including mobile phone and email. ELYS also verifies the validity of the digital vouchers through multiple methods, as a safeguard against fraud.


Drive customer engagement through digital game experiences. ELYS lets you design and set up the rules yourself, with a host of ready-to-use options that are proven to motivate and excite users.


Use beacons to push promotions and personalized content including surveys, games and more. Target customers, Customize content, Supports gamification, Improve visitor experience

Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing feature allow you to directly email different customer segments within our system, with a customized message for each segment.

People Counting

Automatically count floor traffic in your stores, to accurately measure visitor flow rather than relying on manual counts. The heatmap features further lets you see areas of high traffic. Sensors, Wifi Technology, Heatmapping

Digital Directory

Keep the directory of shops in your space automatically updated hassle free. ELYS automatically generates a digital directory of shops from one source, making updating a breeze.

Queuing System

Give VIP customers special treatment. The automatic queuing system feature within the ELYS system allows you to identify your best customers for priority service.

Cashier System

An versatile and easy to implement mobile system for ringing up quick-sale purchases, that can be swiftly installed at retail spaces including fixed stores, bazaars and pop ups.

Easy To Implement

Mobile Deployment For Events

Integrated With Loyalty